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Double Option Vending Machine

Cost-effective and low maintenance. A simple coffee machine for your business.Choose from a wide range of 3-in-one beverage options...


Nescafe Frio Cold Coffee Beverage machine

Telemetry: In built CBSelection Panel: Digital buttons with LED consumption trackerCertified: Meets Global electrical standardsStandardized serviced platform: Covered by Cafe CareTouch Based ProductAesthetics: Sleek & vibrant machineVariety: Wi..


Nescafe Solution Vending Machine

Upgrade to a better coffee experience! A wide variety of beverages for your employees or customers – all at the press of a button.Designed by our Research & Development team to reduce operational complexities and provide you with a low maintena..


Triple Option Vending Machine

A sleek coffee machine for your office that offers perfect consistency and taste.Offer a variety of beverages while being cost effective...